What we do

We at ARTISYS are in the aerospace business. We don't build space ships and we don't fly in rockets, but we build a software that is pretty close to those in the terms of sophistication. Our software meets very strict aerospace standards and always goes through a tough testing process. We are a developer and a system integrator. It means that commonly, we deliver our proven software that is further customized and configured for a specific customer. Then we integrate it with software and hardware of other manufactures, such as radio or radar supplier. Finally, we install everything on site of our customers all around the world.

Our main focus are Air Traffic Control and Airport Data Systemssimulators, and real time industrial process control. We build software that tests or controls everything from air traffic, over satellites to nuclear power plants. You can read here more about what we do.

We have now nearly 20 years of history and we have still remained a privately owned company with friendly family-like and supportive atmosphere. We help our employees to grow, but we foster the approach that “everyone gets, what she or he deserves”. If you work hard, you are creative, customer oriented and loyal, you can build an excellent career in an interesting field. If you sit on your chair all day long until something eventually falls on your head, you don't get anywhere with us.

You can choose in which area you want to develop your skills, the choice is yours.

You can learn how to:

  • Build top-notch quality software
  • Design complex systems and seamlessly integrate them
  • Improve voice communication and voice recognition
  • Utilize databases in real-time environment
  • Deepen knowhow in wide range of technologies
  • Manage international project
  • Or hundreds other things ...

Currently, we are hiring:

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