ARTISYS offers separate system if customer doesn’t need the whole package
in form of ATC SIMULATOR or ATC/ATM Operational System


Voice Communication
System (VCS)

Based on VoIP technology. Allows effective interconnection of multiple communication system including UHF and VHF radios, telephones and intercoms.

Key features

  • VoIP
  • Modularity & scalability & robustness
  • Easy to integrate with other equipment
  • Failproof & zero maintenance

Recording and Replay
System (RRS)

Records data and replays them on a selected device. All data are fully synchronized and the system is digital only.

Remote maintenance is available for this product.

Recording stores data such as

  • Surveillance data
  • Flight data
  • Voice
  • ATIS
  • Meteo
  • Other data as requested


Designed to provide automatic
broadcasting of voice messages with
actual information for pilots.

Automatic broadcasting of voice messages in the frame of the Air Navigation Services as a support equipment.

Fully digital system capable to cooperate with both digital VoIP or analog radios inputs as well as with a number of other ATM systems through digital interfaces.

Time Reference System

Source of high precision time.

Serves as a source of high precision time for clocks display, time stamping, process control or Time Certificate Authority. The system can be complemented by LED Clock in various models, displaying UTC or local time. Clock have brightness control and optional manual setting.


Clock parameters include

  • LED height, type, colour and brightness
  • time format (HH:MM:SS)
  • custom case
  • alert mode for loss of synchronisation

Operational Display System

Designed to present surveillance, flight and other data in a comprehensive way to the air traffic controller.


ODS consists of

  • Surveillance Data Display (SDD)
  • Flight Data Display (FDD)

Surveillance Data Display (SDD)

SDD may use all types of high resolution monitor and can be integrated with electronic flight strips.


SDD displays simultaneously

  • the air surveillance
  • ground movement data or glide path

Surveillance data

  • radar tracks
  • plots
  • video data
  • plot / track label
  • plot / track prediction and history
  • drawing vectors
  • topographics database
  • safety nets


Flight Data Display (FDD)

FDD is used for electronic strips. If required auxilliary surveillance window, ground movements window or both can be implemented.