Voice Communications System (VCS)

Voice Communication System is a state-of-art solution for ATC communication. Based on voice-over-ip technology, it allows effective interconnection of multiple communication system including UHF and VHF radios, telephones, and intercoms.

Key features

  • VoIP
  • Colour touch-screen Cpntrol Panel
  • Set of audio accessories and PTTs
  • Easiest way to upgrade your current system or add a failback equipment
  • Modularity & scalability & robustness
  • Easy to integrate with other equipment
  • Multiple GUIs library to select from
  • Failproof & zero maintenance
  • Intuitive configurator
  • Compatible with common as well as VoIP radios
  • Compatible with radios network and remote radios control
  • Compatible with PBX interfaces
  • Outputs for recording & replay equipment
  • Special support for usage in simulators: GUI replicas library, communications in the background, library of VCS configurations.

Key benefits

  • Simple data network infrastructure instead od dedicated cabling and wiring
  • COTS hardware instead of fragile, expensive and difficult to get electronics
  • Fully digital chain from the operator to the transceiver and vice versa
  • Monitoring and data sharing in the country-wide network
  • Instantaneous back-up with control transfer to an adjacent location