ATC / ATM Operational Systems

Specifics of small and regional airports require different solutions from large high-traffic airports.  Resources of such airports are limited, while they need to provide a comparable level of services and adhere to the same safety regulations.

ATC Simulation & Training

Training efficiency is the key concern in controllers training. Trainees need to be exposed to a wide range of operational situations, the frequent as well as the exceptional ones.

ATC Research

Air traffic becomes very dense and the utilisation of airspace is meeting its limits. How reserves can be found? Where are the limits of aircraft, procedures, airports, systems and controllers? What are the safety margins?

ATC Incident and Accident Investigation

CAAs and ANSs aim to improve the air traffic safety and efficiency by continuous monitoring and evaluation. Tedious routine data browsing can become an adventurous exploration of thinkable possibilities with proper tool, allowing you to take the highly qualified responsibility for your decisions.

Voice Communication, Voice Recognition and Speech Synthesis

Voice is sometimes the only link between the controller and the pilot. It serves for communication of information as well as comforting the pilots that his flight is being taken good care of.

Airport Data Systems

Airport has specific needs in operations management as well as communication with passengers. Moreover, the neighbour  ATC is interesting to talk to. Integration of the ICAO and IATA worlds brings behefits to both airport and ATC.

Airspace Design, Monitoring, Measuring & Evaluation

Airspace monitoring turns hard work into adventure! User defines the rules of the game. On-line or off-line, the air traffic can be borwsed, searched, evaluated, measured, visualised, captured . . . as much as you want or need.