User versus information technology

Computer support is so integrated with qualified human activities, that without it some jobs could hardly be done. However, although many professionals are experts in using it, they are not experts in creating it.

Aviation professionals shall focus on the air traffic management and safety, while engineering takes care of technology.

ARTISYS and information technology

In computer system design, ARTISYS harmonizes the user’s work in the field with technology capabilities optimised for human interface and technical performance. This process demands both knowledge from the ATM operations as well as broad and deep technology know-how, including operational security aspects to comply with Aeronautical Ground Systems certification standards requirements.

ARTISYS efficiently supports and assists its customers at all phases of a project, from the specification down to realisation, seeking for performance, operational and investment optima through

  • Qualified support for task specs definition
  • Data processing system model
  • Data mining
  • Communication system model
  • Creation of software
  • Technological consulting
  • Integration
  • Data engineering
  • Training
  • Service & maintenance

in order to bring out the best of its customer’s staff and equipment.