We see what others only guess

Are you looking for answer to some of these questions?

  • What happens, if a military jet gets unexpectedly into the airspace traffic? What are the reserves? What is the level of jeopardy?
  • Are the coordination agreements observed? Do we observe them? Does the adjacent FIR observe them? Is it overloaded? If so, where, how, how much? What are the deviations?
  • What is the human capacity of approach and tower or area  ATC? 
  • What are the conditions on approach? How are met safety conditions?
  • What is the workload of controllers? Who are the contributors?
  • What is the business of air routes? Where are the bottlenecks?
  • What is the fuel consumption? Can it be less? Which airline had the worst conditions? Can our airline spend less fuel? How?

Research areas

  • Air traffic management
  • Airspace response
  • Tactical flying porcedures,
  • Technologies for better performance, architecture, features and operational safety and reliability.

Research projects