How to get to ARTISYS

By air:

Wienna (VIE, LOWW), then by bus, train or car.

Prague (PRG, LKPR), then by bus, train or car.

Brno (BRQ, LKTB), then by taxi or car.

By car from Vienna (Austria)

From Vienna Schwechat Airport by car, it is 140 km, which is about 1:30 hours drive.

You need Austrian highway vignette.

As you leave the Vienna airport, take direction to Wien, then to Praha and as soon as you see Brno, follow direction to Brno. It is necessary to cross Vienna from southeast to north. Then continue via Austrian highway A5 to Schrick, then to Poysdorf, Drasenhofen, cross the border and continue to Brno. After some time the road changes to highway type, here you need the Czech highway vignette, available at the border or gas stations. This highway brings you quickly to Brno.

By car Prague (Czech Republic)

From Praha Ruzyne Airport by car it is about 230 km, which is 2:30 to 3 hours drive.

You need Czech highway vignette.

As you leave the airport, take direction to CENTRUM and follow signs to Brno highway D1. For highway you need the highway vignette. Take EXIT 190 direction "BVV Brno zapad". As you go through a tunnel, maintain direction left.

It is also possible to buy a "flight" to Brno, while the segment from Prague to Brno there is a bus going directly from Praha airport to Brno bus station, where the bus ticket is included in the air ticket price.

Important notes

You need a highway vignette when coming to Brno by car. You can buy one at the border or at gas stations. You can get vignette valid 1 year, 1 month or 10 days. Check the prices here.

Speed limits in the Czech Republic

  • highway: 130 km/h
  • out of city: 90 km/h
  • city: 50 km/h

Please mind, that drivers in the Czech Republic are not allowed to drink ANY alcohol! You may get high fine or even get jailed.

Driving highways without highway vignette might become expensive.