Aircraft Performances Editor (ACE)

This tool is designed to specify, store, edit and modify the database of kinetic properties (performance envelope) of various objects in the air, on the ground and in the water. Database objects may include aircraft, vehicles, ships, people, animals, weapons, flares, simply anything what can move.

Natural, Realistic Kinetic Behavior

Parameters stored in the database are used in all types of simulation, microsimulations and kinetic estimates, in the  Integragated ATC Simulator CASS, INCA Profi or  Operational ATC / ATM System CATT etc.

For each object type, one or multiple records are available for various kinetic modalities, to be used in physical kinetic models.

Note: While BADA database is tabular and combines aircraft performances with ATC procedures, here the parameters are pure kinetic properties based on manufacturer's technical specs or natural behaviour, to be used in non-discrete physical kinetic models.