Training Exercise Editor INCA

INCA is the world most advanced editor for scenarios to be executed in a simulator. In a freindly and intuitive windowing environment it is possible to define what, how and when will happen in the simulation.

All aspects of simulation are supported: kinetic trajectories of flights, on board equipment, weather, voice communications, flight plans, sensors etc. Graphical visualisation of the air situation displays the exercise without necessity to go to the simulator.

Getting Perfectly Ready For Simulation

INCA was primarily designed for the native INTEGRATED SIMULATOR CASS, but can be used also with simulators of other manufacturers, eventually can preparte exercise for several different systems in parallel. In this sense, it presents a general scenario editor for aviation simulators.

Editor is available as INCA Basic with essential editing features, optionally complemented by INCA Profi extensions:

  • presimulation
  • support of flights database
  • import of real flights
  • workload

INCA Mobile is run on a notebook, presenting complete environment for training deisgn or airspace / procedures design and evaluation.