Training Management System

Training of ATC controllers for civil as well as military aviation is very demanding in terms of financial and human resources spent for each individual to become a good professional. In order to maximize the result, candidates are filtered by tests, but still there is a large number of trainees lost during the course.

Plan - Manage - Get Feedback - Get Result

Training Management System is a unique project generating and maintaining an ecosystem for instructors in ATC Training Center. Its main purpose is to introduce an efficient feedback from the training to the instructors, so that the success numbers can be increased considerably. It is usually not a problem to do things better: the problem is  to know WHAT should be done better. TMS is here to show.

Training Management System means include the following tools:

  • training and staff management by detailed planning of the training,
  • conducting consistent (carreer) records about training achievements of each individual during training and job execution,
  • objective evaluation of each training session, while getting direct information about the trainee's performance from the exercises executed,
  • subjective evaluation of each training session by instructor focused on general cognitive functions as well as job associated soft skills.

Training Management System is run as a server and one or more workstations for instructors.