Aerodrome Simulator (3D TWR)

Aerodrome Simulator is designed to generate full and realistic 3D aerodrome scene and ATC / ATM environment. All aspects of the aerodrome are supported: visual impression, traffic, weather as well as a ground / tower air traffic controller environment.

It can be used for individual or group training of aerodrome ATC staff, radar or procedural training, aerodrome extensions development, procedures design as well as traffic analyses and research.

Aerodrome Simulator includes standard operational components, such as Controller Working Positions, Ground Movement Surveillance System, Flight Data Processing, Recording & Replay, Voice Communication System, Meteo display, binoculars, ATIS and other.

Aerodrome is ready to serve for civil or military training, including also civil as well as military operations, procedures, equipment and effects. Simulation includes objects in the air, on the ground, in the water as well as further equipment and weapon systems. Simulator allows full control of all moving objects, weather, sensors, views, airspace, airfield equipment, cameras and simulation run. Visual effects depict a wide range of natural weather and scene situations, daytime, season, emergencis and accidents. Aerodrome presentation is available in 2D and full 3D scene rendered on displays or through projection system in 360° view.


In the system, multiple independent aerodrome simulations are run for different locations simultaneously. Some can be connected to a 3D visualisation, some are in 2D - to be used for training where the 3D visual impression is not required, thus saving the main simulator time.

Simulator includes a suite of tools for perfect training preparaion - databases, scenarios and 3D models.