Accidents and Incidents Investigation SKYEVER G4

CAAs and ANSs aim to improve the air traffic safety and efficiency by continuous monitoring and evaluation. Tedious routine data browsing can become an adventurous exploration of possibilities with proper tool, allowing you to take the highly qualified responsibility for your decisions.

Air Traffic Safety and Efficiency

Accidents and Incidents or Near-to-incidents investigation and evaluation. This tool presents a solution, which:
  • Is objective and independent (to existing ATC / ATM systems, which may have similar tools),
  • Is available immediately for replay by authorised staff to check right away the course of a particular air situation, without the necessity to use the operational ATC / ATM system recordings,
  • With special tools provides for hard numbers from the accidents and incidents and allows further repeated exploration and precise measurements with an easy-to-use configurable interface, fully under control and instantaneous result served,
  • Can be set for additional monitoring of important functions not available in the ATC / ATM system,
  • Is extendible by specific functions needed in the particular airspace, Identifies and distributes alerts of accidents, incidents and other important issues to specified responsible personnel via email or GSM,
  • Allows to generate outputs for documentation to accidents and incidents reports.

The system reads the ATC surveillance data, and if available, also flight and other data
(weather, meteo etc.). Internally this data is mathematically processed according to the
definition criteria set by the user and generates identified alerts notifications.

User follows this processing in real time, or lets the system work fully automatically. For an alert, or based on a particular request, the relevant notification or data flow defined by time segment is recalled, replayed and further investigated in an interactive mode by additional set of definition criteria. Runs are performed repeatedly until the information desired is obtained.

The air situation is presented in the airspace context depicted by selectable video maps.
Air situation snapshots as well as investigation results can be exported for further use in reports documentation or processing in a spreadsheet. On-line and off-line work from multiple workstations is parallel, simultaneous and independent. Connected in network, data is shared.