Event Monitor (EM)

Event monitor is a versatile tool reading the surveillance, flight and other data to search for specific air traffic situations and produce the precisely measured result.

Event monitor is independent on monitored airspace geo position or details and for operation loads the particular airspace database. Data editors allow the user to make private settings. 

Air traffic safety and efficiency

CAAs aim to improve the air traffic safety and fluency by continuous monitoring and evaluation. Tedious routine data browsing can become an adventurous exploration of possibilities with proper tool, allowing you to take the qualified responsibility.


Total privacy for all settings, databases and measuring results at user level.

Special functions on demand

Existing set of functions can be easily complemented by highly sophisticated and user tailored monitoring functions.


Event monitor displays the result visually, in space and time, in a comprehensive way. One picture says more than a thousand words.

Recording & replay

Event monitor has its own recording, keeping records of traffic for a required time. Allowing to return to past situations and perform as many measurements with different settings as you need.

Special features

  • real-time monitoring and output
  • repeated measurements on archives
  • multiple simultaneous measurements
  • post-processing
  • recording & replay
  • visualisation and browsing
  • logs and snapshot output for reports
  • what if concept
  • user self-contained in data preparation
  • total privacy and independence
  • remote servicing

What is it good for

  • Air traffic quality evaluation: EM can be connected to any ATM system and provide for true picture of the traffic quality.
  • Incidents and emergencies reporting : EM tells you immediately that something has happened - on your email, on your GSM, anywhere across the world.
  • Incidents investigation: go through it again and again, see what exactly happened. Get objective information.
  • Traffic statistics: who, when, where, how many, how long, which way.
  • Airspace Modelling
  • Data from the EM can be automatically imported into the Integrated ATC Simulator CASS and used for simulation. Connect EM. Now you can see what happens, if you do things differently . . .
  • Airspace changes evaluation : testing with real and simulated traffic data.
  • ATC procedures changes evaluation : testing with real and simulated traffic data.
  • Workload monitoring : get the objective air traffic controllers workload.
  • Technical equipment health measuring
  • Preparation of realistic ATC staff training
  • Training evaluation tool : trainee’s performance objectively seen, measured and reported.
  • EM is connected to simulator and helps to design and evaluate training and trainees performance.
  • Defense alerts & warnings : general and specific on demand. EM continually monitors airspace and evaluates dangers and threats in time and space.