Surveillance Data Processing System (SDPS)

SDPS reads and processes surveillance data from many types of sensors and generates system tracks. Tracking is ultimately fast and precise.
Configuration: redundant

SDPS runs
  • Tracker for each source of surveillance data, based on highly adaptive alpha-beta-gama filtering algorithm
  • Multitracker merging tracks into a system track in 3D weight mosaic matrix
  • Real-time flight monitoring
  • Coupling
  • Safety Nets with volumetric predictive STCA, MSAW, DAIW and RAM
  • Interface for time synchronized recording & replay.
  • Time Reference System GPS synchronized
  • Technical Workstation for system administration and maintenance.
SDPS supports transponder modes A/C/S, ADS-B/C, multilateration, PSR or simulation.
SDPS reads surveillance data in ASTERIX as well as proprietary formats.