Recording & Replay System (VRRS)

Recording & Replay System records data and replays them in on a selected device. In recording and replay all data are fully synchronized and the system is digital only.

It's There, Safe And Sound

This system is a part of a number of products, such as Operational ATC/ATM System CATT, Integrated ATC Simulator CASS, Voice Communications System, Event Monitor or as an independent equipment. Additional data is received  for storage and replay through input interfaces.

Recording stores all data as coming (via interfaces), such as

  • Surveillance data
  • Flight data
  • Voice
  • ATIS
  • Meteo
  • Other data as requested

Replay can be provided either directly in the operational ATC / ATM system or simulator for coordinated group or single station replay, or through an external workstation with relevant functionality, or via interfaces providing further services for native or external system from other manufacturers. Each data source can be replayed separately or simultaneously.

Recording & Replay Workstation allows to replay complete fully synchronized set of stored data or separated as requested.

Recording & Replay System contains internal Time Reference System or synchronizes with external NTP source for high precision time stamping in case of need.

Remote maintenance is available for this product.

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redundant (dual)


min 1GB

data safety and protection





RS 232

other on demand

data retention

usually 14 days, set on demand


mp3 files for audio

proprietary formats on demand