Safety Nets

Safety Nets is a subsystem continuously monitoring all flights in the ATC / ATM system and searching situations presenting a potential danger. If such situation is identified, it is indicated on the ATC controller's Operational Display as a threatening alarm requesting immediate action.

Safety First

The logic of the module include:

  • STCA (Short Term Conflict Alert)
  • MTCA (Middle Term Conflict Alert)
  • DAIW (Danger Area Intrusion Warning)
  • MSAW (Minimal Safe Altitude Warning)
  • RAM flight route deviations monitoring
  • FPCA (Flight Plan Conflict Alert)
  • Check of the SID and STAR against the runway in use and route
  • Indication of controller's action referring to the flight status
  • Multiple flight plans using the same parking position
  • Landing clearance while runway is busy
  • Other as per local request.