ATM / ATC System CATT G4

ATC / ATM system CATT G4 presents complete solution for civil and / or military collaborative decision making radar and procedural ATC.
Comprehensive, fully integrated TWR - APP - ACC air situation with surveillance, flight and airspace data on ATC Working Position is compliant with aviation standards and operational safety / reliability demands.
CATT G4 includes a set of functional components, to be used separately as independent systems, or integrated with other equipment with native or cutomised iterfaces and aggregated maintenance.



  • Complete system from one manufacturer
  • Speedy deployment, easy integration and interoperability
  • Operational safety and reliability
  • Grows with demand – guaranteed future extendability as investment protection
  • Long term performance and quality
  • Close-to-zero maintenance, remote servicing for expedite response
  • Complementary utilities for operational database preparation ready to be used by controllers, no technical knowledge is required.

Key features

  • Performance ATC controller workplace with operational logic and functional ergonomy
  • Covering large areas in data processing as well as presenting
  • Real-time flight monitoring, events and alerts processing
  • Fastand precise surveillance data - where others are still calculating, we are on the screen
  • Range of components with native interfaces easy to integrate with third party equipment
  • Highly integrated environment allowing unique cross-systems functions
  • Redundancy with graceful degradation
  • Extreme flexibility and scalability