Digital NOTAM System

D-NOTAM Concept

Digital NOTAMs (D-NOTAMs) is a new improved way of exchange of NOTAM messages (Notice to Airmen). It is based on the concept of distributing well-structured messages electronically in addition to current plain-text messages. This electronic data exchange is allowed by encoding of the messages to AIXM format, specifically to  AIXM 5.1 Digital NOTAM Event Specification format issued by EUROCONTROL.  
D-NOTAMs enable NOTAM offices to create, store, exchange and disseminate NOTAMs digitally. That opens a way for improved efficiency, data credibility, and safety  of NOTAM information. The messages distributed in this way are easier to interpret by both humans and machines. As a result of that, pilots and controllers may receive more credible information. With D-NOTAM-ready avionics pilots may even receive automacically up-to-date information during a flight. 

ORION - Digital NOTAM Ground System 

Digital NOTAM System from ARTISYS is ready for electronic data transmission (NOTAM export to AIXM encoded message) based on AIXM 5.1 Digital NOTAM Event Specification by EUROCONTROL. It is NEXTGen and SESAR compliant.


  • Guaranteed data consistency – Gained through mandatory automated data validation. Standardized format of common NOTAM messages makes them easier to interpret and understand.
  • Guided work flow – Guided process of entry and publication opens less space for human-factor caused errors. System allows quick validation before NOTAM is being issued, only then quickly distributed to other services worldwide.
  • Increased awareness – Simplyfied generation of text message and its display in on-board and other ground systems


  • Ground system for guided NOTAM entry and release
  • Management of multiple airspace databases
  • Briefing for pilots export in paper / digital form
  • Display of NOTAM information in ATM systems


  • D-NOTAM Workstation – entry (encoding) and publication tool
  • Database and web-service allowing storage and distribution
  • FIR Mapper – static data (airspace and airport maps) preparation tool
D-NOTAM Ground System overview

Automated digital output to:

  • Other NOTAM systems
  • ATM systems
  • On-board systems – either to avionics such as Flight anagement System (FMS) or mobile devices such as tablets 

Target group:

  • NOTAM Offices
  • Controlllers