ATC / ATM Operational Systems

Specifics of small and regional airports require different solutions from large high-traffic airports.  Resources of such airports are limited, while they need to provide a comparable level of services and adhere to the same safety regulations.

Solutions built with restricted equipment, staff and budget call for a specific approaches to accommodate all the needs. Our approach provides much needed flexibility and scalability as well as reliability and robustness.


ARTISYS ATC solutions designed for small and regional airports open place for
  1. Operational safety
  2. Simple upgrade and speedy deployment
  3. Easy integration and interoperability
  4. Extreme flexibility and scalability
  5. Continuous system upgrade and zero maintenance
  6. Fast return on investment and low operational cost

Operational ATC System CATT G4

The ATC System CATT G4 is a complete solution for smaller airports. It can be used for air traffic control in the civil and / or military collaborative environment for operations and procedures of fixed & rotary wing aircraft and ground vehicles, providing all functionality for radar and procedural ATC.

Common configurations

It may be used in different configurations, according to existing needs:
  • COMPLETE  - configuration with Training System.
  • COMPACT (for Small and Regional Airports) - configuration with one controller working position, processed surveillance data available from external source (i.e. national provider) and dependent flight data receive, with Recording & Replay and Time Reference System,