Airspace Design, Monitoring, Measuring & Evaluation

Airspace monitoring turns hard work into adventure! User defines the rules of the game. On-line or off-line, the air traffic can be borwsed, searched, evaluated, measured, visualised, captured . . . as much as you want or need.

It gives answers to a number of questions. No estimates. Just hard numbers.

What is it good for instance . . .


incidents and emergencies reporting

incidents investigation

ANS providers

airspace design and evaluation

traffic statistics

coordination agreements check

air routes and sectors usage and overload 

procedures design

workload monitoring

automatic billing

ATC training centers

preparation of realistic ATC staff training


economy of flights


automatic billing


radar health monitoring

radar coverage automatic check

Connected to operational ATC / ATM system or to ATC simulator, it reads data, performs processing and serves multiple operators. Fully automatic run or manual access.