Apron Management Unit (AMU)

This system is designed to give visual and coordination support for running ground traffic for apron management operators. The main target is to support qualified decision making of the operators for optimal usage of the airport resources, including verified traffic information and silent coordination with the TWR air traffic control.

Responsibility for the apron operations, assignment of stands and services provided to the aircraft requires a number of actions based on overall estimate of the next coming or going traffic. The time range of expectations is in theory 24H and is based on planning data, but normally, the time horizon of real information flow from the internal airport sources for currently incoming and outgoing aircraft  is very short. Decision making of apron operators is considerably improved, if the time horizont of verified expectations is extended by having access to ATC information with the estimates based on surveiilance visibility of aircraft. With visual situation overview, the operators get much better self-organized and time aware. Reference to the flight plan and actual flight execution, such as delay, may also indicate what will most likely be the services requsted by particular aircraft and how to optimize the usage of airport resources to make everyone as much satisfied as possible.

Silent coordination between the apron management and TWR ATC supported by on-screen functionalities saves a lot of time-demanding phone calls and human errors.

Airport operations are in the IATA world, while ATC is in the ICAO world. To obtain the required functionality, data from both worlds are fused.

System consists of server and working positions allowing to visualise and manage data about aircraft at the airport apron management.

Server runs the following tasks:

  • receive and conduct database of flights
  • receive of ATC surveillance data
  • interface to Airport Operational Data Base
  • ICAO - IATA data fusion
  • silent coordinatoin with TWR

This system is available for remote servicing.